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Our founders and current managing partners, Danny Bendas and Dean Small have played a central role in the ever-evolving food and beverage industry. Synergy Restaurant Consultants has worked to build more than 1,800 successful restaurants over the past 30 years, and it’s our mission to elevate food, beverage, and hospitality around the world through better restaurant management.

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Powerful Restaurant Training Program

With Synergy SYNC, we’ve innovated a full-featured platform powered by Expandshare to help restaurants of all shapes and sizes develop powerful restaurant training programs, communicate with their employees, and streamline business processes. The platform will bring lasting results because we have turned our consulting experience into processes that work and lead to greater levels of success.

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Restaurant Management Training

For individuals looking to become a restaurant manager who want to develop their professional skills, we’ve launched Synergy U. This online restaurant management training program leverages our expansive knowledge and passion for developing great leaders to run smart organizations and build powerful teams that delight the customers they serve.

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Our Team

  • Danny Bendas
    Managing Partner

    Danny Bendas, a Managing Partner of Synergy Restaurant Consultants,...

  • Dean Small
    Managing Partner

    Dean Small is the founder and CEO of Synergy Restaurant Consultants...

  • Lisa Fraser
    Administrator and Accounting
  • Mike Walls
    Architect of Synergy Sync and Client Success Manager
  • Jana El Khouri
    International Client Success Manager

Why our customers love Synergy U

"The time I spent taking Synergy’s Management Course was very beneficial. Their Synergy U e-Learning Management Training Program is well organized, delivered, and adaptable to even someone with minimal to no restaurant experience. The training videos and information showcased and reinforced the words communicated on the screen. I especially liked how the app-based training platform was available not just on my iPad, desktop computer, but also on my iPhone. It is so valuable and convenient to have easy access right in the palm of my hand!"

Marlene S.

"I have been a restaurant manager for about 6 years now. This course made me rethink my management style as well as encouraged me to learn and improve my skill set. I found the content to be very precise, detailed, and beneficial in many ways. It emphasizes the importance of having a well-structured system in place. The restaurant industry can be challenging, yet having a strong system and solid foundation can lead to great success."

Neo D.

"I actually really liked the program! I honestly didn’t know that there were so many little things that I just wasn’t aware of that can help so much and make a huge difference if done right! I would like to work on the manager loop and be able to get that down! I’m excited to see the progress we make as a store using these methods!"

Liz S.

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Give us 30 minutes and we will show you how Synergy Sync can optimize your training and organizational processes. We’ll walk you through the platform to show you how it works and how it can help your business thrive.