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Simplify your team training

Easily deliver training courses, videos, and announcements to your team. Then, track your staff’s progress, measure their success, and help them improve.

Leverage full-featured training library & organizational tools

Synergy SYNC is packed with training resources on optimizing systems and standard operating procedures. It also includes a loaded HR toolbox with customizable manager checklists, job descriptions, and more.

Easily add your own training modules

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is select a template, add a featured image and text, and upload supporting documents, learning materials, and videos.

Broadcast notifications to your team

The newsfeed gives you the power to send instant notifications to individuals, groups, locations, and regions. It’s wonderful for keeping everyone on the same page — no one’s ever left guessing.

Use checklists for task accountability

Leverage customizable, paperless checklists that help you execute daily operations and maximize productivity.

Transparency tools for accountability

You’ll always be up-to-date on everyone’s progress, knowing who’s doing what and how well they’re doing it.

Available in English and Spanish

We provide individuals with an opportunity to quickly and conveniently develop critical skills in both English and Spanish so your team can learn in their native language for greater retention.


Let us help quantify your investment in Synergy SYNC

One platform for training and process management to simplify everything in your business.

Preventing a single employee from turning over pays for an entire year of Synergy SYNC.

Plus, what if we can help you teach your team how to reduce food costs, increase your average order amount, and create a workplace that both your employees and customers love? With two levels of engagement, we are confident you will see significant ROI in short order.

We deliver meaningful results


$350Monthly per location
  • Unlimited users per location
  • Loaded HR toolbox and resource library
  • Training courses led by subject-matter experts
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Powerful digital checklists
  • Process management tools
  • Team newsfeed
  • 10% discount if paid annually

One Time Investment

$795Per Certification
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Master class certification in the principles of restaurant management
  • Training courses led by subject-matter experts
  • Forms, process documents and validations
  • Placement in Synergy Consultant database of Certified Managers
  • Train from anywhere
  • Monthly webinars


$250 LiteMonthly per location
  • Loaded HR toolbox and resource library
  • Training courses led by subject-matter experts
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Powerful digital checklists
  • Process management tools
  • Team newsfeed
  • 10% discount if paid annually
  • 1 Manager Certification Included
  • Additional Certifications $600 per student


$195 BasicMonthly per location
  • Loaded HR toolbox and resource library
  • Training courses led by subject-matter experts
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Powerful digital checklists
  • Process management tools
  • Team newsfeed
  • 10% discount if paid annually
  • Manager Certifications $700 per student
  • 2 Hours of Coaching per Synergy U Student

How Synergy SYNC, powered by Expandshare, helps save you time, money and reduce turnover

  • Administrator Tools

    Easy user management to add and remove team members from the program, dynamic reporting, and other tools that give multi-unit operators great visibility for all features

  • Training Modules

    Synergy SYNC delivers digital video training with progressive skills assessments and it’s available in English and Spanish. Sync comes with a subscription to Expandshare that allows clients to add custom training modules that include skills checks, quizzes, and instant grading features.

  • Learning Tracks

    The program allows you to group together courses and library resources on a schedule you set at intervals of days or weeks from the previous course.

  • Paperless

    Customizable digital checklists, designed to execute daily operations and maximize productivity with paperless, unlimited cloud-based storage you can now verify your employees have completed their required tasks online, instead of searching for papers and/or checking in constantly with staff.

  • Reporting

    Detailed real-time reporting provides visibility from the corporate level, down to the employee at the restaurant.

  • Resource Library

    With a loaded HR toolbox, job descriptions, hiring guidelines, and a resource library full of best practices.


Synergy SYNC is a powerful, flexible, and affordable digital app for restaurants with plans for growth. Our platform provides you with industry-leading systems, standards, and tools to help you train your staff, stay on top of communication, and operate with greater efficiency and accountability. With Synergy SYNC, you can stop the chaos in your restaurant, and feel more confident in your team to handle things while you’re away.

Restaurants of all shapes and sizes. It’s an exceptional full-featured training and management platform for restaurant operators, managers in training, aspiring managers, current managers, chefs, and more.

At Synergy Restaurant Consultants, we’ve worked with leading and emerging restaurants for 30+ years. Our restaurant consulting services are based on real-world experience running successful restaurants and launching new concepts with staying power. As competition tightens and the hospitality industry evolves, we can help you capitalize on your organization’s existing strengths and reveal previously unseen opportunities to improve efficiency, unlock new revenue streams and serve your customers better.

Synergy SYNC can be accessed from computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It makes training easier than ever before because it can be done from anywhere, anytime!

No, Synergy SYNC comes complete with pre-designed training modules that can be arranged in any order you’d like. All you have to do is drag and drop modules into the order you’d like, and you’re ready to go. You can also make easy adjustments on the fly.

Yes, you can create courses and modules in minutes. All it takes is a featured image, text, and you’re ready to go. Put micro-learning at your team’s fingertips with easy, step-by-step courses. The course builder includes simplified testing, automatic grading and missed question review.

The monthly cost for Synergy SYNC is $350 for your entire team.

The one-time cost for Synergy U Manager Certification is $795

Join our 1,800+ satisfied customers who have benefited from our performance system based on 30+ years of experience to improve your operation

Why our customers love Synergy U

"The time I spent taking Synergy’s Management Course was very beneficial. Their Synergy U e-Learning Management Training Program is well organized, delivered, and adaptable to even someone with minimal to no restaurant experience. The training videos and information showcased and reinforced the words communicated on the screen. I especially liked how the app-based training platform was available not just on my iPad, desktop computer, but also on my iPhone. It is so valuable and convenient to have easy access right in the palm of my hand!"

Marlene S.

"I have been a restaurant manager for about 6 years now. This course made me rethink my management style as well as encouraged me to learn and improve my skill set. I found the content to be very precise, detailed, and beneficial in many ways. It emphasizes the importance of having a well-structured system in place. The restaurant industry can be challenging, yet having a strong system and solid foundation can lead to great success."

Neo D.

"I actually really liked the program! I honestly didn’t know that there were so many little things that I just wasn’t aware of that can help so much and make a huge difference if done right! I would like to work on the manager loop and be able to get that down! I’m excited to see the progress we make as a store using these methods!"

Liz S.

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