Goals Are Not Enough…

Okay, okay, you’re not a loser if you have goals. They point you in the right direction, but by themselves, they are just about useless. Do yourself a favor and write this down: Goals don’t work. Systems do.

If you want to accomplish anything, build a system, create a routine, and manipulate your environment to make it easy. Here is an example:

Goal: I want to read 2 books per month. (useless)

Goal: I want to become a reader. (better, but how?)

System: I will read for 20 minutes, every morning while I have my coffee. Every night before bed I will set up my coffee machine to auto brew in the morning, and I will place my kindle and mug next to the coffee maker (Bingo.)




Make a habit tracker or use a calendar to mark off every day that you do it. Give yourself a break if you miss here and there, but don’t miss twice (that is the start of a new habit). Check it out at the end of the month. I’ll bet you’re a reader now, and I’ll bet you finished more than 2 books. 

Approach your work life the same way. Reduce decision making to a routine. Manage pro-actively by working within systems, empower your team to sue them, then follow up. Physically move things around to make them more obvious and easy.

Here is the rub: You only know what you know. Your Systems will only be as good as you are.

Here is the solution: Don’t trailblaze. If you are struggling with it, someone smarter has struggled with it and fixed it. Find a book, a class, a person, an app, learn from the failures and successes of others. Use the knowledge of others to leapfrog your knowledge gaps. Learning by doing is awesome. Learning by informing yourself while doing is even better.

Restaurant Training System

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