Synergy SYNC is a powerful, flexible, and affordable digital training and operations platform for restaurants looking to upgrade performance.

Synergy SYNC, powered by Expandshare, provides a turnkey solution that includes a newsfeed feature for team communication, a digital toolbox of management systems, and checklists with customizable digital forms that are easily created and monitored online.

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How Synergy SYNC helps you save time, money, and reduce employee turnover

Train your team to exceed expectations

The Synergy SYNC platform provides everything from new hire orientation on their first day, comprehensive training for all FOH and BOH positions and our certification program, Synergy U, a master-class in restaurant management.

Tracks everyone’s training progress

You never have to guess how your team members are progressing. You’ll know which courses they’ve completed, how much they’ve learned, and what needs to be improved.

Streamlines communications

A newsfeed feature allows you to send messages to individuals, groups, locations, and regions. Messages are sent directly to your staff’s smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Reduces labor costs

Helps keep your team informed, engaged and productive and also reduces employee turnover; an industry average cost of $5,400/per employee.

Simplifies organizational processes

Provides customizable digital checklists, a loaded HR toolbox, and a resource library full of best practices. Designed to execute daily operations and maximize productivity.

Empowers leadership in English and Spanish

Synergy SYNC delivers digital video training with progressive skills assessments and the training program is available in both English and Spanish.

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Synergy SYNC is Powered by Expandshare

We have partnered with an incredible digital training platform to create a plug and play training program for teams. Expandshare has a complete set of features to train, communicate with and enable accountability for restaurant staff on any device and Synergy has turned 30 years of experience into content designed to make it easy for you to start training your team immediately. You get the best practices and operating systems developed by restaurant industry consultants AND a powerful digital tool to manage team training and restaurant operations.

Synergy SYNC provides you a proven system, standards, and tools to help you operate with greater efficiency and accountability

Synergy SYNC is a powerful, flexible, and affordable digital app for restaurants looking to optimize operations. Our platform provides you with industry-leading systems, standards, and tools to help you train your staff, stay on top of communication, and operate with greater efficiency and accountability.

Want to see Synergy SYNC in action?

See why Synergy SYNC is the best restaurant online training solution for your entire organization. It’s a one-stop learning management, accountability, and processes management system that will take your operations to the next level with a “brilliant at the basics” approach to best restaurant practices.

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Advance Your Management Skills with Synergy U

In addition to Synergy SYNC, we’ve crafted a professional development certification program for individuals wanting to take their restaurant management skills to the next level.

Synergy U will teach you restaurant management principles from front to back, fueling you with actionable training methods, systems, and procedures that will give you a firm foundation for success.

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