You Don’t Need a Proprietary Training Program

The dirty secret behind most restaurant training


Here is the secret: Most restaurant training programs are half-assed. They often exist because we know they are supposed to exist. Some restaurants pay companies six figures (yes, seriously) to find and replace “Restaurant Name” in a bunch of canned ops manuals and the like from a 90’s chain that no longer exists. Others have cobbled together bits and pieces from what their managers remember about the last places they worked.

I know this for a fact because when we conduct an operations assessment or a turnaround operation, of which we have done over 1,000, we take a deep dive into their training material so we can see how expectation meets reality. Every now and then someone has a really thoughtful and effective training program that we see beautifully demonstrated in the way they conduct business. Don’t get me wrong, they exist, but they are rare. The rest of the time… let’s just say it leaves a lot to be desired.

So, what is the point of airing out this dirty linen? It is to say that most training sucks and yours probably does too. No offense.


restaurant training system

When we made Synergy Sync, we thought long and hard about how to build it on universal principles of operational excellence that we have learned, taught, and practiced for the last 32 years. Sync can turn entire teams into human swiss army knives with our actionable modules and systems.

Training and empowerment is our full-time job. Sync is our main focus. We update it and change it when we learn something new. We keep you informed. Oh, and guess what? You can still upload your own stuff and integrate it into the training and operations system. Yes, even your 1992 Chi-Chi’s operations manual.